90 Second pitch

This is the original pitch that I was giving at the StartUp Live Event in Hamburg to present the idea of private and easy-to-use messaging.


Hey, my name is Simon.
I studied Mathematics and work as a web developer.


Everyday people send all kind of sensitive information like business secrets, access data and even medical records over the most insecure channel possible: email.
But they do not have an alternative. Setting up PGP is a pain and the e-Postbrief is too expensive.

That’s why I started Kullo.
Kullo provides secure and easy-to-use messaging.

1. It relies in a strong public key algorithm from the open source software openSSH, that is widely spread and actively developed.

2. Kullo is an open infrastructure based on established web standards like HTTP and XML. There’s no central company that controls all the communication. Everyone can become a messaging provider.
Furthermore I want to have Kullo on every device possible and encourage the best app developers to build client software for it.

3. Besides all that it is incredible human and fun to use. Everything is bases on your Kullo address and your password only. No key management, no configuration, no nothing.

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