Interview with the German startup network SUN

The November newsletter of the startup network SUN includes an interview with us!

We expect, that in 20 years time people will laugh at the naivety of our current age, at the fact that in the years 201X a majority of all sensitive data was sent across the internet via unencrypted channels. This is the fundamental belief with which we develop Kullo – initially as a tool, and in the long run as a network.

Check out the interview (in German) here.

Good article on email encryption at (in German)

Some key points from the article:

  • The NSA scandal has sensitized a lot of people, but calling it an encryption boom would be exaggerating – encryption still is an annoying hassle for most and rarely ever used.
  • A key quote by Thomas Jarzombek (CDU): “Email encryption is like sex among teenagers: everyone’s thinking that everyone else is doing it, but few actually are. And those few that actually do it do it badly.
  • The amount OpenPGP keypairs generated daily has tripled to 1500.
  • OpenPGP solutions like Enigmail still has important disadvantages: uploading your key potentially exposes you to spam, and metadata and subject of your emails stay unencrypted.
  • Dorothee Bär (CSU): “The necessary effort for current email encryption is rather comparable to using a steering wheel lock and wheel lock every time I park my car – but I want to be able to protect my privacy in a simple, easy way.
  • 72% of German members of parliament never encrypt their emails, 39% are unwilling to do so in the future, only 13% want to start using encryption (sample size: 126)
  • The De-Mail, the preferred method, does not offer end-to-end-encryption and is, according to the article, comparable to using condoms with holes.
  • The German ministry of internal affairs does not yet use email encryption because of the ‘organizational challenges in terms of integration and public-key-infrastructure’

The full article comes highly recommended.

This articles highlights our main motivation for developing a solution that automatically handles all key management and distribution: even in times where the awareness is high, users do not want to spend effort on their encryption. Therefore, encrypted communication can only become a standard if no-hassle solutions with end-to-end encryption like Kullo are available.

Animation: Intro

We are proud to present the work of our two new avid helpers Christian and Maurice. Without further ado: enjoy the animation, and make sure to watch it in HD!

Please feel free to share it with friends or colleagues that are interested in communicating securely.

New additions + work retreat

Meet two new additions to our small team: our PR geniuses Christian and Maurice! In the course of their Media and Communication Management study track they will support us with all our PR efforts.

To jump-start our PR campaign all 5 of us went on a 5 day retreat to the Dutch coast at a holiday house in Zeeland.

detol The Kullo Mansion

Most of the time the weather was great for working indoors, but we managed to take some rejuvenating walks on the beach.

The extended Kullo team on a brief break

It’s really amazing how removing the daily distractions boosted our productivity. Stay tuned while we unveil the fruits of our labour during the following weeks!

Startup Introduction

A lawyer, a tax accountant, a management consultant, a CEO, a system administrator and a key account manager all have one thing in common: they have to be able to transmit sensitive information securely via the internet, often even internationally.

In our talks to industry figures we found that awareness for privacy and data security is extremely high in these and other business areas. Various reasons were mentioned: while some need to protect market-relevant data, others have to protect the privacy of their patients or clients. And for a small technology firm, the theft of intellectual property can be lethal. Continue reading

We’ve got a Team!

We are very proud to announce that we’ve got a full-featured and highly motivated startup team now, that has the capability to bring the idea of Kullo to you!

Roelof van Dijk, Simon Warta, Daniel Seither

Roelof van Dijk, Simon Warta, Daniel Seither (Amsterdam, January 2013)

Roelof aka. the Bizz-Guy Math/Physics/Economics
Simon aka. the Product-Guy Math/Computer Science
Daniel aka. the Hacker Computer Science/IT Security

We’ll do our very best to make secure messaging accessible to every single internet user!


90 Second pitch

This is the original pitch that I was giving at the StartUp Live Event in Hamburg to present the idea of private and easy-to-use messaging.


Hey, my name is Simon.
I studied Mathematics and work as a web developer.


Everyday people send all kind of sensitive information like business secrets, access data and even medical records over the most insecure channel possible: email.
But they do not have an alternative. Setting up PGP is a pain and the e-Postbrief is too expensive.

That’s why I started Kullo.
Kullo provides secure and easy-to-use messaging.

1. It relies in a strong public key algorithm from the open source software openSSH, that is widely spread and actively developed.

2. Kullo is an open infrastructure based on established web standards like HTTP and XML. There’s no central company that controls all the communication. Everyone can become a messaging provider.
Furthermore I want to have Kullo on every device possible and encourage the best app developers to build client software for it.

3. Besides all that it is incredible human and fun to use. Everything is bases on your Kullo address and your password only. No key management, no configuration, no nothing.