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At Kullo we follow the principles of agile software development, which means having short development cycles, continuously test every change in code and been able to release fully functional software at any given time. That allows us to quickly respond to user feedback (e.g. fixing bugs or usability flaws) and release security fixes within hours.

We don’t differentiate between bugfix releases and feature releases. In fact most releases contain a bit of both. Thus there is always one current version of Kullo only and no confusion about which version to choose.

While been able to release quickly has it’s advantages, there are drawbacks too. Most of all we don’t want to annoy our users with too many update processes, which always take a minute or two.

There are updates that are just irrelevant for most users. For example when we fix issues that only occur on a specific hardware or operating system, integrate minor performance improvements or just add some cosmetic changes. These changes are nice to have but for most users not worth an update process.

To serve both interests (quick responses and minimal number of update processes), we introduced 2 update lanes: all and important.

All updates contain minor improvements or changes that are only relevant for some users. Those come once a week or even more often. This is for pioneers.

Important updates are those we think everyone should install, e.g. security fixes or mayor feature improvements. We plan to have an important update every 4-8 weeks.

While the important update lane is the default, you can choose to take every update. Just set the update lane accordingly in Settings → Device.

Image by Ian D. Keating (CC BY 2.0).

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