Going Push

With the start of our mobile apps for iOS and Android in December, we received a lot of positive feedback from our users. But there was one thing missing, which bothered most of you: push notifications.

2016-02-05 pushWe’re happy to announce that with the recent mobile updates Kullo has push.

This makes Kullo not only a secure and user-friendly communication channel, but a reliable one as well. With push notifications, you see incoming Kullo messages right away and with push on the other end, you know that your Kullo messages will be read in time.

When you open the app by clicking on a notification, a sync is triggered automatically, which eliminates the need for manual syncing. Kullo for iOS version 18 and Kullo for Android version 27 are available on the AppStore and Google Play today. To enable this feature, we had to add some additional permissions in the Android app, so you will be asked to grant additional permissions.

3 thoughts on “Going Push

    • Thanks for your feedback!

      Kullo notification use system default values for sound, vibration and flash light. Do you need to have separate settings for Kullo?

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