Good article on email encryption at (in German)

Some key points from the article:

  • The NSA scandal has sensitized a lot of people, but calling it an encryption boom would be exaggerating – encryption still is an annoying hassle for most and rarely ever used.
  • A key quote by Thomas Jarzombek (CDU): “Email encryption is like sex among teenagers: everyone’s thinking that everyone else is doing it, but few actually are. And those few that actually do it do it badly.
  • The amount OpenPGP keypairs generated daily has tripled to 1500.
  • OpenPGP solutions like Enigmail still has important disadvantages: uploading your key potentially exposes you to spam, and metadata and subject of your emails stay unencrypted.
  • Dorothee Bär (CSU): “The necessary effort for current email encryption is rather comparable to using a steering wheel lock and wheel lock every time I park my car – but I want to be able to protect my privacy in a simple, easy way.
  • 72% of German members of parliament never encrypt their emails, 39% are unwilling to do so in the future, only 13% want to start using encryption (sample size: 126)
  • The De-Mail, the preferred method, does not offer end-to-end-encryption and is, according to the article, comparable to using condoms with holes.
  • The German ministry of internal affairs does not yet use email encryption because of the ‘organizational challenges in terms of integration and public-key-infrastructure’

The full article comes highly recommended.

This articles highlights our main motivation for developing a solution that automatically handles all key management and distribution: even in times where the awareness is high, users do not want to spend effort on their encryption. Therefore, encrypted communication can only become a standard if no-hassle solutions with end-to-end encryption like Kullo are available.

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