Recent product updates & roadmap

Kullo is in active development on all five supported platforms, taking one step at a time instead of huge yearly releases. Today we’d like to show you recent product updates you might have missed so far.

The emoji keyboard in Kullo for Desktop

emoji_keyboardExpressing our emotions in written text is getting increasingly popular. While mobile platforms usually come with full emoji support built-in, desktop systems need some extra work. To make it possible to communicate between desktop and mobile without friction, we made it possible to type in emojis in Kullo for Desktop. Open the emoji keyboard by pressing Ctrl+. (control and period) on Windows/Linux and Cmd+. on OS X.

Sync of sender information

sender_informationThe sender information (name, organization, avatar and footer) are now synced across all your devices, giving your Kullo messages the same professional appearance, no matter from where you send them.

And like everything that is synchronized in Kullo: all of your data is encrypted before being sent to your Kullo provider. So this information is only accessible to you and those who receive your Kullo messages.

Unread messages indicator on iOS

KulloUnreadMessagesNumberIos_smallKullo for iOS will now show the number of unread messages next to the app icon, giving you the confidence that you’ll never miss an important message.

Large file handling

During the latest updates, support for attachments up to 100 MB per message has been improved to be faster and more reliable on both desktop and mobile platforms.

For those who are eager to see what’s coming next, we published or roadmap board. Check it out and send us feedback:

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