The Open Kullo Protocol now available


We’re happy to announce that the foundation of our entire secure communication system is now publicly available: The Open Kullo Protocol.

By combining message transportation and key management in one protocol, Kullo is the most convenient end-user-experience in the field of encrypted communication.

In the protocol, you’ll find all technical details like e.g. how the cryptography is implemented.

Having the protocol, it is now possible for third-party developers to create their own client or server software for Kullo. Let us know if you’re planning to do so, such that we can support you wherever possible and open a¬†bottle of champagne together.

Since the document is still work in progress, not everything will be 100 % complete or buggy perhaps and we’d encourage you to let us know if there is anything unclear or wrong. Feel free to send us a pull request on Github.

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