Profile Data Reference

Common rules

The common rules from the message format docs also apply to profile data.

Profile data entries

The key must contain only lower-case unaccented latin characters, numbers and underscores. It must NOT contain spaces, dashes or accented characters. The corresponding regex character class is [a-z0-9_].

Valid keys
  • name: real name (string)
  • organization: organization/company (string)
  • footer: message footer/imprint (string)
  • avatar_type: MIME type of avatar (string, see message format docs)
  • avatar_data: avatar data (binary, see message format docs)
  • mk_backup_reminder: timestamp of next MasterKey backup reminder to be shown (datetime, optional)

Clients should remind the user of backing up his MasterKey if mk_backup_reminder is in the past. If the user postpones the reminder, the date should be set to some time in the future. If, however, the user did backup his key, mk_backup_reminder should be set to an empty string.

Encoding of values

When packaged in JSON, the keys are encoded as strings, while the encrypted values are base64-encoded and then encoded as strings.